Resources and Connecting

After leading a workshop or presentation, I'm often asked for more information.  This page is dedicated to you, curious seeker!  Inquires fall into 3 main categories.

I loved the chanting, and was deeply moved.  Where else are you chanting?
Seattle has a large vocal community.  There are many kirtan, chanting and Improv singing opportunities around the greater Seattle area.
a) You can find updates on kirtan on the SeaKir (Seattle Kirtan) yahoo group.  Email the administrator to get on the list.
b) Take a class with Gina Sala.
c) Come to Circle Singing with Debby Boland Watt.
d) Come to Wednesday eve Dances of Universal Peace in Wallingford.  I find myself there often.
e) I lead chanting in small circles for the communities I'm active in.  They are are often not publicized.  If you want to chant with me, specifically, start showing up in my communities.

I want to learn more about plants.  What other classes are you offering?
Check the Learning Opportunities page.  Classes to the public are offered sporadically.  I'm happy to discuss small group/private classes and apprenticeships.  Here are some other local places and people you can check out.
a) Dandelion Botanical, a great herb shop in Ballard, has regular classes, and great instructors. Plus, Kachi, the proprietor, is an amazing herbalist.
b) Earthwalk Northwest offers day classes and ethnobotany apprenticeships.  Karen and Frank are super lovely, and I've learned so much being with them.
c) Julie Charett Nunn, Crows Daughter, offers apprenticeships in the Wise Woman Tradition.  Located on Whidbey Island.
d) Eaglesong of Ravenscroft in Monroe, WA, is also in the Wise Woman Tradition
e) Check out Susun Weed...I'm a huge fan

You're awesome sauce, and I want more time with you. 
If you want to connect with me directly, here are some ways:
a) friend me on facebook..  I'm not a prolific poster, however, you'll get a window into my life, and I'll see into yours.
b) Show up at the Wednesday eve Dances of Universal Peace in Wallingford.  I find myself there often.
c) Come to Women's Summer Solstice in June.
d) Come to Women of Wisdom Conference in February.
e) None of those to you liking?  Send me an email and tell me what you're passionate about.
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