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Love Notes:
"You have a refreshing quality about you that makes me feel good." -Georgia

Cedar Bark Harvesting & Basketry

2008 Udaipur, India

Love Notes:
"You are enthusiastic person like ‘vitamin’ to your surroundings." -Dajung


2015 Mt Aranachula, India




Jennifer Sundstrom is a wild-crafter and herbalist living in North Seattle.  She is passionate about nutrition and loves harvesting wild plants.  It’s a seasonal life for Jennifer: new spring growth is when the harvest begins, continuing through the lush summer, the abundance of fall, and canning season.  She incorporates many herbs into her diet, makes cheese, sodas, and fermented foods.  Jennifer also harvests medicinal plants for her own medicines, and makes all her skin care products: lotions, creams, body sprays, soaps, and shampoo



In Jennifer’s words: “I’m often asked, ‘How did you get started learning about plants?’  Well, I took a cheese making class.  Yes, I’m a foodie.  This opened a door for me of learning about herbs as food.  ‘What?  You mean this plant is edible?  But it grows everywhere!’  Yes, the plants that nourish us grow all around us.  Come outside and meet them, they can nourish you, too.”



Jennifer's greatest healing has come from studying with her teacher, Gina Sala' (www.ginasala.com), and discovering the amazingly powerful and subtle vibrations of giving voice.  Jennifer regularly leads and participates in bhakti (devotional) chanting as the blissful path to celebrate the Divine Spirit that resides in us all.  Jai Ma!

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Listen to Jennifer be interviewed on plants & singing:

(Dec 2010 approx. 15 minutes)

(Feb 2013 approx. 15 minutes)

Video interview on the Dr. Pat show:
(Feb 2015 approx. 20 minutes)



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