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Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
2nd Tuesday
Nov 13, Dec10, etc
7:00pm Amrita Bhajans
Dec 23, 2018   Winter Solstice: Gayatri Mantra
Feb 17, 2019 2:30pm Women of Wisdom Conference
June 20-23,201   Women's Summer Solstice

Love Notes:

“Thanks again for the wonderful workshop! I really enjoyed it and you did a great job. I like your relaxed, open, non-controlling, knowledgeable, and welcoming approach.”


"The depth of knowledge of Jennifer on your voice...the way she drew everyone out of their heads and into their hearts...she touched my soul."  - Anonymous








Join Jennifer at these events:

 Amrita Bhajans
I'm honored and pleased to be supporting this kirtan circle. If you're feeling called for an evening of devotional singing, please consider coming!  All are welcome. Community style...all are invited to lead a song. Bring yourself and any instruments that enliven you. The orchestra is made of of ALL the voices. Come let yours be heard. Or simply relax in the good vibe, as you like.

Jennifer will be facilitating the circle until our sister, Jahnavi Ananda, heals from her injury and is ready to return.

Amrita Bhajans
When: 7pm-9:30
2nd Tuesdays, starting 9/11
Where: Sacred Rain Healing Center, http://www.sacredrainhealing.com
1100 NW 50th, upstairs
What: Bring your tingshas, we will have a rockin good time at call/response kirtana!

Winter Solstice Special Event
ALearn and chant the Gayatri Mantra with Jennifer Sundstrom. Gayatri is the mantra of enlightenment. At the darkest time of the year, we will invoke that self-effulgent light within ourselves to carry us through the dark.  See facebook event for more details:

Women of Wisdom

Sound Play: Goddess Voices


Women's Summer Solstice
(Jennifer is on the planning committee and is registrar)



Updated 11/11/18

Weed Walk 

Love Notes:
"Thank you, Jennifer, for the wonderful basketry class.  It was a happy and creative experience for me, the time absolutely flew by, and I came home with a treasure that I can't stop looking at with total astonishment.  I never dreamed that I would be able to actually make a basket!  You are a wonderful instructor and a joy to spend time with." -Laurel


Jennifer would love to come speak to your group, circle, club or organization. Please send an email to info@seattleherbalist to open the conversation.

Fees for Plant Walks or Plant Focus classes -
Individuals - $50/hour
Groups (min 5 people) -$35/per person for average 2 hour walk

Email to discuss pricing for other classes!


Time frame: 1-3 hours as requested
Individuals, or groups up to 20

We can meet in a city park, green space, or your very own backyard. Jennifer will introduce you to the wild edible and medicinal plants growing around you, and discuss positive ID, medicinal uses and sustainable harvesting techniques.  Seaweed walks also available.


Time frame: 3-4 hours needed for whole process
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Jennifer will guide you through the cold process soap making method with ingredients you can A) identify, B) pronounce, C) readily obtain. You will be empowered with information and skills to begin your own soap making journey.


Time frame: 3-4 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

A deeper dive into one plant, these classes are tremendously fun! Have you ever wanted to know more about LAVENDER, NETTLE, DANDELION, HAWTHORN, COMFREY, or others? Such plants can be used nutritionally, medicinally, cosmetically, and also have utilitarian uses. This is a hands-on participatory class. We will harvest together, craft, make delicious treats, and laugh as we explore the hundreds of ways lavender (for example) can be brought into our lives for health and wellness.


Time frame: 3-4 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Wondering how you can take care of yourself and your loved ones with more natural remedies?  Medicines are already growing in your front yard!  Jennifer will guide you through the more common ailments and show you plants that can help. Together we will harvest and make your own herbal remedies.  Tinctures, poultices, salves, throat sprays, and more will be offered.



Time frame: 3-4 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Seaweeds are an incredibly nourishing gift from the sea, but how do we get those gifts into our kitchens and diets? Jennifer will guide you through the seaweeds that inhabit the intertidal zone, and we will discuss harvesting techniques, nutritional value, and healing properties of these wonderful foods. Bring your appetites because together we will make several dishes incorporating seaweeds into each one, including Kelp Energy Bars, Gamacio, Seaweed Soup, Hijiki sauté, kelp pickles, and others! You will leave with an appreciation for these nourishing foods, the confidence to bring seaweeds into your own kitchen cuisine, recipes, and some of our creations.  This is a hands-on cooking class. We will work in community to create each dish, then we will enjoy the fruits of our labors


Time frame: 4 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Wondering what to do with all that summer produce?  Put it up for the winter!  Preserving food for the winter is easy and fun.  This is a hands-on participatory class.  Jennifer will show you the process and techniques of stowing the harvest, through various storage methods.  Food safety, equipment, ingredients will all be discussed.


Time frame: 4 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Anyone can make cheese at home!  Learn the basics of cheese making in your own kitchen.  We will discuss milk options, cultures, curdling agents, and why milk proteins behave the way they do.  Especially fun to gather your friends for this hands-on participation class.  We will make yoghurt, kefir, mozzarella, paneer, and more!  You will have a sound foundation to begin your own explorations into cheese making at home.


Time frame: 3 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Tired of store-bought sodas loaded with high fructose corn syrup? Looking for healthy alternatives? Make your own nourishing sodas in your own kitchen!  We will discuss the process of crafting healthy fermented beverages that naturally carbonate themselves. Fermented foods and beverages nourish our gut flora and promote digestion. We will create our own fermented soda using the ‘culture’ method, and discuss how to grow your own culture. We will also bottle sodas for everyone to take home. Samples of Jennifer’s latest soda batches will be shared to offer inspiration.


Time frame: 3 hours
Individuals, or groups up to 10

Learn to create your own coil-style pine needle basket!  All peoples have used the coil method for container making, and the technique can be applied to any material, not just pine needles.  We will discuss several stitches to enhance your creation, as well as how to incorporate beads and baubles.  All basket making supplies provided.  You will leave with a lovely basket of your own. No experience necessary.


Time frame: 2-4 hours, as requested
Individuals, or groups up to 20

Sound is a powerful healing tool, and the first healing tool our bodies use when injury occurs.  Jennifer will guide you in the experience of running sacred sound through your body.  This is a powerful and deep practice, and yet easy for everyone to access.  Transformation awaits.  Past sound workshops include, Finding your Authentic Voice, Healing the  Wounded Singer, and Kirtan (devotional chanting)

Love Notes:
"I thought it was really nice that you took the extra time and it was a pleasant and rich experience.  You are a good teacher and a gift to the people who get to learn from you. -Fanny

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