Earthly Products

Salves & Ointments

Infused olive oil thickened with beeswax, salves offer healing properties as well as being gentle on the skin.

Popular salves include:


*Red Cedar

*Douglas Fir


*First Aid – with plantain and chickweed (Jen doesn’t leave home without it!)

*Arthritis and Joint – with cottonwood and hypericum

*Wound Healing – with plantain, yarrow, and cottonwood

*Lip Lotion – with Lavender and Elder flowers

*Rosy Lips

Love Notes:

"I have been keeping your ointment on all the time and the healing is going well." -Peter





Lotions and Creams

Luxuriant on the skin, all lotions are made from simple ingredients that are good for the earth: infused olive oil, beewax, and water…sometimes a bit of coconut oil.


Jennifer is always experimenting with new lotion mixes.  People often make custom requests for a cream to meet a specific need, and those blends have become favorites.  Some favorites that Jennifer often has on hand are:


*Elder Flower

*Rosemary with a hint of mint

*Rose Petal


*Red Cedar

*Healing/Eczema Cream with Doug Fir & Chickweed

*Breast Massage Lotion with Dandelion flower and Lavender

Love Notes:
"I love Jennifer's skin lotions. They keep my skin moisturized; I
know they nurture all layers of my skin with the best possible herbs & oils.
I'm also a wise woman herbalist, but I don't have time to make lotions or
soaps. Thank you Jennifer!" -Julene

Herbal Tinctures

Jennifer uses 50% alcohol (100 proof vodka) for all her tinctures, never grain alcohol.  Tinctures are traditionally taken internally with dosages ranging from 1 drop to 30 drops.  Each plant has its own characteristic and affect on our bodies.

Tinctures usually on hand:

*Dandelion Root


*Arrowleaf Balsam Root



*California Poppy

*Self Heal



*Saint Joan’s Wort


*Elder Flower


*Lemon Balm

*Shephards Purse

*Raspberry Leaf

*Chaste Berry


Love Notes:
"The bug spray I bought from you at the Gaia's Temple Faire worked beautifully in discouraging a bunch of ants that had invaded one of the offices here.  It's a massage therapist's office so we couldn't use anything toxic or strong smelling and the the cedar/yarrow mix worked beautifully!  And it smells really good.  Just thought I'd let you know."

Hand Crafted Herbal Products


Jennifer offers songs of love and gratitude as she hand harvests each plant at the peak of their potency.  Herbal preparations with various menstrums (pure olive oil, 50% alcohol, and/or apple cider vinegar) are made at the harvest site while the plants are still fresh and vibrant from harvesting.  Jennifer believes that holding the intention of gratitude while harvesting, coupled with on site preparations with the freshest plant material possible allow a strong plant spirit medicine to imbue each hand crafted item.  Plant preparations are all cold steeped in their menstrums for at least 6 weeks before decanting.

Please inquire for availability and pricing.


Soaps are all hand crafted in Jennifer’s kitchen from a combination of vegetable oils: olive, coconut, palm, palm kernel, castor, avocado, and others.

-          Jennifer does not use any essential oil extracts, so there is no overpowering scent which can be irritating to some people.  Any scents come from natural plant infused olive oil.

-          Jennifer does not use any artificial coloring in her soaps.  All colors are naturally derived from the plants.

-          Jennifer uses recycled materials for soap molds, including milk cartons, water bottles, and plastic containers left over from purchasing oils.  Because of variety of molds, each bar of soap has a unique shape.

These soaps are very gentle to the skin, and feel luxuriantly slippery in the shower.  Shampoo bars produce a rich lather that rinses cleanly.  Jennifer always has a variety of soap on hand. 


Some favorites are:

*Fennel soap – with ground fine fennel seeds from Jennifer’s garden.  Great exfollient with a licorice scent

*Oatmeal Honey

*Dandelion Flower – bright yellow bar, excellent for oily skin

*Cinnamon Honey
*Nettle Shampoo bar

*Tropical oil Shampoo bar


Other Fun Items


Jennifer always has a number of plant-inspired materials and creations on hand, and is continually creating new items.


Roasted Herbal Beverage:

A mineral rich brew that provides deep rooted nourishment while it supports the liver.  Made from roasted dandelion, burdock, and chicory roots, and dried nettle.  Tastes delicious hot or cold.


Pine Needles:

Natural colored Ponderosa pine needles harvested from Eastern Washington, these are the perfect materials to make coiled baskets.  Jennifer also offers instructional classes on pine needle basketry.


Insect/Bug Repellent:

Yarrow and Red Cedar provide the base for this natural and great smelling bug repellent.  (No Deet, so it doesn’t come off on your grandchildren!)  This one is a camping staple.


Lavender Body Spray:

Freshly harvested lavender blossoms made into a hydrosol on Jennifer’s kitchen stove.  Gentle on the skin and great smelling.  Can be used as a face toner or body spray, a refreshing afternoon spritzer during the work day, or spritz on your pillow to promote relaxation and calming sleep. 


Sore Throat Spray:

The anti-spasmodic qualities of elecampane coupled with the pain relieving and antibiotic properties of cottonwood are fused together in this tasty medicine.  Safe for kids of all ages.  (This spray replaced all the Chloraseptic in Jennifer’s house.)


Infused Massage Oils:

*Red Cedar – anti-fungal properties make this a great foot massage oil

*Dandelion Flower – bright yellow, dandelions are a great helper to move negative energy (Jennifer’s favorite breast massage oil)

*Rosemary – gently pain relieving

*Rose Petal – beautiful smelling, rose petals are a wonderful after-bath nourisher

*Hypericum – anti-inflammatory, this oil is great for sore muscles

*Lavender – soothing and calming, rub on temples to ease headaches, also eases burns

*Chickweed – cooling to hot, dry skin, chickweed helps ease eczema and psoriasis

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